Hello my name is Kevin Appleby, I’m an experienced chartered accountant (the UK equivalent of a CPA) who has worked as a consultant with many major organisations to help improve business performance.

I’m here because I am passionate about helping small and medium sized businesses achieve their goals. I know that most businesses of this size can’t afford consultancy support in the same way as the big corporates I’ve advised in the past. I don’t see why great advice shouldn’t be available to every business irrespective of size, so I want to advise and support in a much more affordable way.

I know what it is like to run a small business, I’ve set up my own consultancy, and I’m also involved in two other family businesses. I know the challenges that come with managing all the day to day issues and how hard it is to identify and progress the things that will take the business to the next level.

The Next 100 Days Podcast is a leading UK business show. Through this podcast, Kevin and Graham reveal strategies you can use to improve your business and take it to the next level. In addition to featuring their own advice, Kevin and Graham host amazing guests from across the business world. Often the guests are successful, but lesser-known business owners and entrepreneurs, enabling the show to bring fresh content and stand out from many of the US based business shows.

Graham and Kevin believe that business change comes about when a business owner focusses on just one thing that will make a real difference to his business. That might be product development, a new product launch or a marketing campaign. Focussing for less than 100 days, or focussing on too many things generally won’t deliver the results you need, Equally, its difficult to maintain effective focus for much longer than 100 days without re-assessing priorities.

The Next 100 Days Podcast is your source to learn how to move your business forward, with practical advice and guidance that you can put into action and make a difference in your own organisation within the next 100 days.

Are you ready for Making Tax Digital? HMRC are making some big changes. Xero is the best choice for Making Tax Digital Kevin Appleby

Making Tax Digital – How does it affect your business?

Making Tax Digital is the initiative from HMRC to give the UK the most technologically advanced tax system in the world. Most people aren't aware of Making Tax Digital but the changes are just around the corner. The biggest benefits of Making Tax Digital will fall to...
The benefits of cloud accounting. How Xero has saved me time and given me much better information - Kevin Appleby

Cloud accounting saving time and improving information

Xero is making a big difference in my business. I wrote a few weeks ago about my decision to move from spreadsheets to cloud accounting software, and you can read why I chose Xero in that article. Since then, I’ve been implementing Xero, and cloud accounting has saved me time and is supplying much better information. Don’t just take my word on it. You can find out yourself by giving Xero a 30 day free trial, actually using a cloud accounting package is the only way you are ever really going to find out whether its for you.

5 Reasons I chose Xero for my company accounts - Kevin Appleby

5 reasons I’m using Xero for my company accounts

My company year end has just passed and I'm starting the new year using a new accounting package, Xero. This is a big change, I've been using spreadsheets for the last 5 years. While an Excel based system is fine when you first start and you only have a hand full of...

How New Generations Are Changing SME Employee Management

Guest Post from James D. Burbank Editor-in-chief BizzMarkBlog One aspect of business that has changed most dramatically over the course of the human history is employee management. Over the millennia and the centuries, we have seen an overall improvement of the way...
VAT MOSS, VAT on Digital Business Demystified

VAT MOSS, VAT on Digital Business Demystified

Do you sell digital services within Europe? Do you know if you are liable for VAT on sales?

VAT MOSS (mini One Stop Shop) came into effect on the 1st of January 2015 in an attempt to prevent big businesses that have established headquarters in lower-VAT regimes from profiting unfairly.

However the implications of this relatively new regulation have trickled down to the SME market and thus created more red tape for companies whose cross-border trade is incomparable with that of the multinationals.

7 Steps to defeat overwhelm

7 steps to defeat overwhelm and generate more business

Is there so much going on in your business you don’t quite know what to do next? if so, you need to defeat overwhelm. You feel you need to develop your products and services. There aren't enough new leads and you need to find some desperately. You need to turn leads...
7 secrets of turning plans into reality

7 secrets of turning your plans into reality

A plan by itself is not enough. So today we take a look at seven ways you can turn your plans into reality. A few weeks ago we considered how to create a plan on a page. The plan that captures all the output from your personal offsite. The plan that will help you...
How well do you procrastinate?

Take The Test – How Well Do You Procrastinate?

Are you one of the 95% of people who procrastinate? As a business owner who works alone it can be a real problem. How often do you set out with the best intentions, but don't achieve what you wanted to do? Lets see if we can help you understand how badly...
Brexit and your business plan - The First 100 Days

Brexit and Your Business Plan

Brexit brings us uncertainty.
I’m sitting at my Swedish made desk, writing this blogpost on my US designed iMac which was assembled in China, drinking my very British cup of Yorkshire Tea made from teabags bought in a German owned discount supermarket. I’m also minded that in the garage is a German made hatchback and a Japanese sports car. For lunch its bread and cheese (French brie) followed by a Spanish orange and a West Indian banana. In or out of the EU each one of us, individuals and businesses are locked into a complex world of international trade.

Game plan for the next 100 days

Game Plan for the Next 100 Days

Having goals is all very well, but you need to turn them into reality. In this post we look at how you go about setting up a game plan for the next 100 days.

The game plan will allow you to assemble the resources around you that will deliver the results you want.

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Udemy course from Tom Rath

Tom Rath the author of StrengthsFinder 2.0 has a course on Udemy. I've just signed up for it (It was on offer for £8). Entitled "Learn to fully charge your work and life", the course is based on Tom's latest research and looks to have some quality content. Spread...

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Kolbe A and my personal offsite

As regular readers know, I've recently undertaken a personal offsite, where I've tried to get away from the office to think about my goals and objectives and set up my priorities for the next year, and the specific things I'm aiming to do in the period leading up to...

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Holistic goals and the Time Doctor

Yes, Doctor Who is back on our screens. But I'm thinking of a different Doctor. Mike Gardner, the Time Doctor. Mike has just published a new book aimed at business owners to help address work life balance issues. Mike, like me, is a huge fan of holistic goals. Having...

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Business software to help your business thrive

Guest Post from James D Burbank There are no two same businesses in the world. Every business differs from every other in at least one or two small details. That being said, the ultimate goal of every business owner or manager is the same – to see that business thrive...

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My first quarterly personal offsite

I’m undertaking a big review of my business and where I’m going right now. I’m using the concept of the quarterly personal offsite to do it. The review process My year starts in September. Though it's the start of Autumn, or the fall, which in many ways signals the...

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Can tiny habits deliver big goals?

Does making a small change, starting a tiny habit, really make a difference? Dr. BJ Fogg has done a lot of academic research and seems to think so. This week I've taken his e-mail based course about tiny habits. Here's a TED talk from Dr BJ Fogg that explains the...

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3 Secrets for a great Periscope broadcast

This post is a little off my usual topic. Over the last few days I've finally discovered Periscope, and I'm excited that it could be the next big thing. For those that aren't familiar with it, Periscope is a new service from Twitter which allows you to broadcast live...

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Learning to say no

Which part of ‘no’ don't you understand? Working toward your Business Goal requires focus. If you want to go from good to great then very quickly you have to recognise that you must make tough choices. To be brilliant at the one or two things your customers really...

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So you think you don’t need a business vision?

Creating business mission and vision statements takes up a lot of senior management time in many big companies. The cynics would ask "why bother?". Smaller companies often skip the process altogether. I'd argue that setting a business vision is essential to getting to...

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Linking KPI to your economic engine

In the last post we looked at the Hedgehog Concept, and how it could be used to develop the vision, or Big Hairy Audacious Goal for your business. One of the elements of the hedgehog concept is the economic engine. Lets consider how we can start linking KPI to your...

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Become brilliant with a Hedgehog

For most businesses, carrying on the way you have always done things is no longer an option, you need to change and adapt to survive. In this article we take a look at the hedgehog concept and see how that can help us . The world changes very very quickly. New...

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Are you too busy to realise your goals?

When I ask small business owners about the challenges of taking their business to the next level there are usually three standard answers I need help setting goals that will get me there I need more sales, can you help me? I’m too busy keeping the business going to...

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Measuring Nothing Precisely

Ever wondered whether the data you collect is actually telling you anything? In reality we find ourselves measuring nothing but with a huge amount of precision and in lots of detail. Let me explain. Yesterday I took a good look at my own business’ web stats. I got...

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Your values must drive your business plan

Over the past few days I've been giving a lot of thought to values, and how they need to form the basis of your business plan. This has mainly been due to a paper I'm writing for a client. However, It occurred to me that I'd never actually written down the values for...

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