Recommended Courses

Out of corporate life, you are the master of your own specialism, but suddenly you need to know about a whole new set of skills that you never needed in the past. Yes, you can outsource, you can employ experts to help you, but you still need some basic knowledge, because at the end of the day its your business. You are in charge, you need to make informed decisions.

Finding the right material to help you isn’t easy. There’s plenty of material out there. Most is American and not British. A huge amount is put together by people that have done something successfully in their own business and suddenly believe themselves to be experts. Reality is they know only a little more than you and its the blind leading the blind.

So, where do you go to get that new knowledge you so badly need? This page is designed to help you see the wood from the trees.

Learn Business Finance: Win more work as a Business Coach

Have you set yourself up as a coach or a consultant to help others benefit from your expertise? Great.

But are your finance skills strong enough. Hayley Chiba has pulled together an excellent financial management course for business coaches. It’s written by a finance professional. But Hayley has also moved out of the corporate world to set up her own coaching business, so she understands the challenges facing you first hand.

This is a great way to pick up some essential financial skills. Coaches and consultants, if your specialism isn’t in finance this one is a must for you

How to Write a Business Plan to Attract Finance

Time will come when you need to raise finance in your business. You will need a business plan to show to your potential investors. The business plan you need for fundraising is quite different to the plan you put together to help you take personal action in your business. Investors will need lots of analysis and they will need financial forecasts.

Learn about the things that investors look for in your business. This course tells you clearly and simply whats important and what isn’t. The focus is very clearly on successful fund raising.  Even if you enlist the help of your accountant to put the business plan together he will need information from you, the business owner. This course gives you a great overview of whats needed and allows you to pull together the fundamentals of your business plan.

Managing Change

Managing change is something nearly every business struggles with. There are two great courses from Marcella Bremer. Marcella is an experienced consultant in the field or organizational culture, change and personal development. Her motto is: “Develop the workers, the workplace and the world.”