Half way to your 2019 goals? – 5 things to get you back on track

Aug 1, 2019

July has been and gone, and the holiday season is upon us. So how are you doing with all the things you wanted to achieve in 2019? Are you going to make your 2019 goals?
Whats left to do in the run up to Christmas? Will you get to where you need to be?
Now is a good time to review. I took stock of my own progress in 2019 and I found I was nowhere near to what I intend to achieve this year, in fact I concluded that I was in that “Messy Middle” – It feels as though there’s too much still to do, but you’ve already come too far to go back.
The “Messy Middle” is something I’ve encountered many times over the years when I’ve been involved in projects. Everything looked nice and straightforward when we established the initial objectives and first put a plan together, but then when we get right into the detail, start finding the issues, and get to the hard bit it all becomes overwhelming.
So how can we get things back on track once the holidays are over?

1) Don’t be discouraged – Things always take longer than you think

There’s a great quote from Bill Gates “Most people overestimate what can be done in a year, but underestimate what can be done in 5 years”.
So number one question to ask is are you being realistic?……If not, reframe the goal into something that is achievable
Equally, are you over complicating things?…..Think about how you can simplify and still get to the essence of what the goal is all about.
Whatever you do, don’t give up. The number of people who have given up just before they make the big breakthrough is enormous

2) Get back in touch with your why?

Sometimes reminding yourself of the big picture is just whats needed to re-invigorate your efforts. So Its worth reminding yourself why you had the goal in the first place. Whats the real reason behind the goal? What does the bigger picture look like once you accomplish the goal? What are the new possibilities it opens up?
Hopefully that helps, but equally if you are drawing a blank with the answers to each of those questions you must really question why the goal is important. Goals without compelling reasons behind them are in my experience a waste of time.

3) Are you going it alone?

One of the biggest reasons for failing to hit goals is failing to enlist the right support. Your resource is limited, you can do a small number of things well, but you can’t do everything. Asking for help isn’t failure. What can you delegate that might make reaching the finishing line less of a burden?
Don’t assume you have all the skills to get the job done. Do you need some specialist support? Play to your own strengths, get others with complementary skills to cover your weaknesses. If someone else can do something better or quicker its worth getting them on board to do it. If this costs money then ask yourself how important the goal really is.

4) Who are you accountable to?

Is anyone monitoring your progress? it makes a real difference when you are accountable to someone for getting things done. Making excuses for lack of progress to yourself is one thing, making those excuses to someone else is harder. Do you need that extra accountability?
Don’t under estimate the role of a coach or a mentor. Many business owners think using a coach is a sign of weakness. The reality is its just the opposite. As well as giving you accountability, a coach or mentor can be a sounding board, can be the source of ideas, and someone to work with to cut through the issues.

5) Stay focussed

We all suffer from Squirrel syndrome, running off after the latest new thing. I’m my own worst enemy, often running off after a new idea and forgetting to push through and complete on the last one. The truth is you must focus on one thing and stay with it. You can move 1mm in a million directions or move a mile in one direction.
In short, you must learn to say no, because there is a bigger yes.
Overall, though you must have the right mindset and push through. Remember you are a finisher not a quitter. You can still achieve your 2019 goals.