Take The Test – How Well Do You Procrastinate?

Aug 8, 2016

Are you one of the 95% of people who procrastinate? As a business owner who works alone it can be a real problem.

How often do you set out with the best intentions, but don’t achieve what you wanted to do?

Lets see if we can help you understand how badly you procrastinate

You sit down at your desk and try to write, but words just don’t appear. You try, but before long you are over on Facebook or checking Twitter. You’ve chatted to some friends, checked out a group or two, and followed a few links to some interesting videos. All of a sudden its coffee time, and you decide to have a well earned break, after all you have been sitting at your desk for two hours now……

The day goes on in the same vein, until you discover at 5pm you have achieved very little of the master plan thats going to help you conquer the universe.

Does that sound like you? Perhaps you procrastinate in other ways. Do you put off important tasks till the last minute and then suddenly find you have missed the deadline for something. Perhaps its booking that hotel room for your next business trip,  and by the time you do the best hotels are already full.

Most of us are guilty of not doing the things we should. Many many more of us are becoming lone workers, theres no-one there to motivate us to do the things we should be doing, or to provide us with that accountability to make sure important tasks get completed.

Procrastination is fast becoming the biggest enemy of the lone entrepreneur. To help you see how this might be affecting you I’ve put together a short procrastination test.

Are you ready to see how well you procrastinate?

Answer 9 simple questions to determine your level of procrastination.

Afterwards I will mail you a certificate for you to print out and hang in a prominent place. This will remind you to get on with all the important tasks the will help you take your business forward and not put them off till tomorrow. Over the next few days I’ll send you some more information that might help you achieve the results you want more effectively.

Ready to take the test and see if you make it into The Institute for Advanced Procrastination?

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The procrastination test is based on a very similar test in Dr Piers Steel’s book “The Procrastination Equation”

Dr Steel is the worlds leading authority on the science of motivation and procrastination. If you are one of the 95% of people who procrastinate and want to do something about it then don’t put off reading this book.

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