Over the years I’ve tried a number of task and goal management apps, and at the moment Goals On Track is my app of choice. I’m using it to create plans and record progress against both my business and personal objectives. The problem with most of these apps is they just allow me to set up lots of to do lists. That’s fine, but it’s not the way my brain works. Goals On Track is working for me because it’s a bit different.

From the apps I’ve tried, Goals On Track is the most robust goal-setting program of the bunch. It allows me to record the goal; the purpose; start date; end date; metrics; sub goals; habits; and action plans. Everything you need to do to make sure your goals are SMART. I particularly like it because it allows me to think and plan hierarchically, which is how my brain works. It’s also the way I was trained many years ago in the pre computer age using the TMI Time Manager International filofax based system. At the top level I can set up goals for the year or for the current quarter and at the bottom level I can set up the activities that I execute on a daily basis using the pomodoro technique.

I’ve come to realise that there’s a significant link between establishing new habits and achieving goals. I’m now using the tiny habits technique within every goal I’m pursuing. Harry Che, the app designer recognises this too and he has included a habits builder function. The habits builder lets you set up habits against any goal and check them off day by day until they become automatic. One habit I’m developing against my health goal is to walk 10,000 steps every day. I can check off the days that I achieve it and see my progress.

Goals On Track has a lovely visual dashboard that lets you see at a glance how you are doing:


Goals On Track is cloud based and can be used from a web browser on the desktop, or from the Goals On Track mobile app on smartphone and tablet. Compatible with Apple iPhone and iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone operating systems, Goals On Track is intended to be used on the go as part of a busy lifestyle. It also syncs due dates with Google Calendar and Outlook and theres a printable day planner.

Check out the Goals On Track website for the latest pricing

While the app is powerful and easy to use, it falls short on aesthetics. It is badly in need of a design overhaul to compete with newer, iOS 8 inspired apps, but I’m happy to put up with that because of the functionality it delivers.